What to Expect

Sometimes showing up to church is intimidating. We strive to make sure you feel at home while at Endurance Church. Our goal is to help you live well and finish strong. We consider ourselves a spirit-filled, multi-ethnic family. So relax. It is our desire that the following information will ease whatever anxiety you may have and allow you to “browse” into a normal Sunday.

What Should I Wear?

Wear what you like. God is not concerned about the outside, but to him the inside means everything. So dress to your comfort level.

What’s the music like?

Our live band usually consists of guitars, drums, and keys. We sing meaningful songs that honor God and are easy to engage in.

Do My Kids Sit With Me?

It’s up to you. We will provide children’s ministry to those who want it for their kids. However, if you want to keep your children with you don’t feel like you have to drop them off to fit-in to the service.

Do I have to give money?

If you are not a member of your church then you are not expected to give any money. It is our hope to bless everyone who walks through the doors. We believe that the God that the ministry serves can meet the needs of the ministry. So don’t feel compelled to give, but we are not opposed to you giving either.

What is the overall environment like?

It is our goal to infuse everyone who comes in the door with hope, encouragement, and inspired interaction. We want you to feel the liberty to worship God without being constrained. Worship is a decision to bow your will to God; however, God does not force anyone to do so, and neither will we.